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The Valrhona Foundation is an endowment fund, a non-profit organization that conducts public interest initiatives in favor of the cocoa industry and gastronomy.

Its Board of Directors meets three times a year to ensure that its missions are carried out. The members of this Board perform their duties free of charge.

the board members

The president of the board is Carole Seignovert, Head of Sustainability Valrhona

Members of the board:

  • Clémentine Alzial, CEO of Valrhona,
  • Thierry Bridron, Executive Pastry Chef, Ecole Valrhona
  • Jérôme Coutant, General Secretary of Savencia Saveurs & Spécialités
  • Jean-Luc Grisot, CEO of Savencia Gourmet & Food Service Premium
  • Véronique Huchedé, Head of Cocoa Purchasing Valrhona,
  • Véronique Loubaud-Aubert, Director of Company & Property Law, Savencia
  • Caroline Recoing, Finance Director of Valrhona,
  • Anthony Valla, Commercial Director of Valrhona Sélection,
  • Franck Vidal, Director of “Cité du Chocolat”

The Valrhona Foundation team

Armelle Giammattei

General delegate

Mélissa Fournaux

"Graines de Pâtissier" project manager

Carole Seignovert


The Valrhona Cocoa Team: Véronique Huchedé, Julien Desmedt, Nans Mouret, Cédric Robin, and Stéphane Sabourin are also heavily involved alongside us, providing pro bono support to our projects to create a fair and sustainable cocoa sector.