our purpose

Making gastronomy sustainable and inclusive is a challenge which involves the entire sector. This is why it is essential to create and maintain fair, positive, and responsible relationships, both upstream and downstream.

We act for a fair and sustainable cocoa sector, and for responsible and inclusive gastronomy. We are convinced that by all working together to reach this goal, we can move things forward in the cocoa industry and the gastronomy sector!

Throughout the value chain, we build close relationships, and it is important to us to meet the needs of our beneficiaries the best we can. This is why we create all our projects for them and with them, together with our partners.

for a fair and sustainable cocoa sector

The cocoa sector is challenged by a number of issues: child labor, living conditions of communities, income of producers, deforestation and the protection of biodiversity, forced labor, etc.

To help make the cocoa industry fairer and more sustainable, we are carrying out projects that improve the living conditions of communities in cocoa-producing countries, in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals:

a few examples of projects that we are committed to

for a responsible and inclusive gastronomy

In our eyes, responsible gastronomy is gastronomy that takes care of all things alive, that is, of humans and the planet. It is gastronomy that focuses on such things as sustainable agricultural practices, seasonal ingredients, combating waste, respecting people by providing nourishing food and welcoming diversity.

We carry out projects to make gastronomy and its professions both easy to access and respectful of people and the environment, in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals:

Currently, we are working on easing access to culinary training for everybody, including young people excluded from the workplace, disabled people, etc. We plan to extend our actions to other issues that support a more responsible gastronomy sector.