Our adventure began in 2006, when a group of Valrhona employees, motivated by a desire to shift the status quo, decided to go above and beyond what their jobs required of them. They may all have different aspirations in the development of ethical, fair projects, but when it comes to their convictions, there is one common denominator: taste. The desire to awaken the senses and teach about taste, the desire to spark vocations by passing on a passion for gastronomy to the younger generation. A taste for meeting and supporting those who grow and work with cocoa. To achieve all this, they created the Valrhona Foundation.

It soon became clear that stakeholders such as Valrhona’s customers wished to become partners of our gastronomy and cocoa projects. In 2019, the Foundation took on a new lease of life so that all members of the Valrhona community can work together to support a fair and sustainable cocoa industry and an inclusive and responsible world of gastronomy!