Graines de Pâtissier is being deployed in Guadeloupe

27 May 2021

This year, we launched a new partnership!

We are proud to join the the Lycée des Métiers de l’Hôtellerie et du Tourisme (LMHT) and the second-chance school in Guadeloupe to announce the roll-out of the program in Guadeloupe.

Thanks to this partnership, 10 additional young people will benefit from pastry chef training. Our aim is to provide a solution to the challenges of combating unemployment and training young people. Our program responds in a tangible way to the needs of young people and their future bosses:

  • Making sure young people are on the right path: engaging in learning with a clear vision of the reality of the profession
  • Guaranteeing a basic skillset: developing relational prerequisites
  • Qualifying the workforce: starting an apprenticeship having already acquired professional skills means being ready to work more quickly

At the second-chance school in Guadeloupe, all the teams are involved in recruitment, monitoring, and professional integration so that this course is a success for young people!

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