Renovation of the elementary school in Guayabal, Venezuela




Venezuela, Municipio Benitez

Cost & progress

18 486 USD



The Fonds Solidaire Valrhona financed the renovation of this school to allow 90 students and the teaching staff to study and work in good conditions. 

The area of Guayabal is located in the municipality of Benitez, in the northwest of Venezuela, where there are many cocoa producing communities. The elementary school in the community of Guayabal was built in 2005 and has 90 children between the ages of 6 and 11.  

This school has many defects that can be dangerous for the children: cracks in the walls, water runoff and electrical connectionsThis infrastructure does not meet the minimum satisfactory conditions for the children and the teaching staff of 16 people 


Currently, the children attend classes in homes lent by the community. The parents have approached the local public institutions to improve these conditions of education, without getting a positive response. 

In partnership with the Fondacion San José, the Fonds Solidaire Valrhona has decided to finance the renovation of this school. The objective is twofold: to allow the 90 children to study and learn in good conditions; and to improve the working conditions of the teaching team. 

The renovation work lasted about three months. It includes the reconstruction of some walls by trying to recover as much material as possible from the demolition, the cleaning of the exterior part and the repair of the floor. The roof of the school is also renovated. 

The renovation work was completed a few weeks ago. Thanks to the partners and contributors! 

Children, teachers and community members were able to inaugurate the school! 


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