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The program seeks to contribute to the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of cocoa producing families, located in the north of Haiti. These families are part of cooperatives grouped at the heart of a federation called FECCANO, with 4200 members. 

Project presentation 

Our goal is to strengthen cocoa crops productivity and the food security of households through two concrete actions: 

  • Regeneration of cocoa crops/plots in the northern region 
  • Ecological intensification of associated crops 

To execute this project, the Fonds Solidaire associated with FECCANO and with Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF) 


Results of the first three years (2017-2020): 

During these first three years, 63ha were renovated with an initial objective of 50ha. 

More than 40 tons of organic fertilizers have been produced and applied (compost, fertilizer, forest fertilizers…) 

On average, more than 6 non-cocoa species have been introduced in the crops (fruit, forest, food supply…) 

We recorded 982 direct beneficiaries, including 127 producers who regenerated their plots. We’re counting more than 5000 indirect beneficiaries (families, children…) 

Since 2017, the cocoa yield has increased by 80 % (250 to 450kg/ha). The income per hectare of the regenerated plots is twice as high as the one generated by control plots. 


Objectives and actions for the next 3 years (2021-2023): 

The first phase of this project being positive and its results encouraging, the FSV has decided to commit to working alongside the producing families and the two partners who remain unchanged for the next three years: the FECCANO and AVSF. 

During those three years we plan to: 

  • Renovate 40ha of additional plots by the pruning and/or the replacement of cocoa trees 
  • The ecological intensification of food supply and fruit crops, which allows to diversify and securing different sources of income 
  • Capitalize on these practices to elaborate an agroecological cocoa farming model on a national scale 


More specifically, here are the actions which were taken on site since 2021: 

  • Selection of the new plots benefitting from the project 
  • Define and concretize the living income in Haiti to verify how the proposed cocoa farming model can approach it. To do so, we will compare the economic results of the plots regeneration to those of other activities (motorcycle-taxi, farmer, teacher…) 
  • Launch of the cocoa tree pruning operations 




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