Rénovation de l’école primaire de Guayabal, Venezuela

Le secteur de Guayabal se situe dans la municipalité de Benitez, au Nord-Ouest du Venezuela, où l’on trouve de nombreuses communautés de producteurs de cacao. L’Ecole primaire de la communauté de Guayabal a été construite en 2005 et accueille 90 enfants qui ont entre 6 et 11 ans. Cette école comporte de nombreux défauts qui […]

Graines de Pâtissier

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In the face of climate change and the decline in biodiversity, particularly in the fragile valley of the Sambirano river in Madagascar, we must unite, perform a specific analysis of the issues and seek solutions on a local level. The Valrhona Foundation is implementing this approach as part of the Landscape project with the inhabitants […]


The Atwereboanda high school, which comprises six classrooms, a staffroom, a management office, a computer suite, and a toilet block, was completed in August 2019. Thanks to the mobilization of new patrons such as DFNI magazine, the Cœur Gourmand association, and the pastry chef François Granger, high school students are able to benefit from this […]

Ecole primaire de Bosomtwe<br>au Ghana

  Very soon, young people in the Bosomtwe community will be able to benefit from courses at a brand new school. The 270 students and teachers will benefit from six classrooms, a staffroom, a management office, a computer suite, and a toilet block. To provide these students with good learning conditions, €159,000 was raised thanks […]

Cacao Forest

Cacao Forest’s ambition is to ensure the sustainability of the cocoa sector by having a positive impact on the lives of cocoa producers and on the environment. To this end, Cacao Forest designs and deploys innovative cocoa farming models based on agroforestry. In other words, we grow cocoa trees alongside other plant species to diversify […]


This poultry farm project takes place in two phases. First of all, we are building the farm buildings, equipping them, and supplying the veterinary products needed to take care of 1000 hens. Then, the 30 members of the women’s association of the Pona Ouinlo community will be trained in how to manage the farm, its breeding […]